Walter Carl Jones Jr

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Career Focus

Says: Be a Doctor...
Says: Identify Customers Problem...
Do's: Use a CRW to collect informaition about the Problem.
Do's: Find a Total Assurance to Fix the Problem.
Note to self: I don't sell anything I solve problems. "Geek Squad" are the surgeons. "Front Lanes" are the receptionist collect the money. I'm the "Doctor" I solve the problems.


Stanford University
iOS 7 iPhone / iPad
Online                                       2014

Awarded Honors
University of Phoenix
Masters in Business Administration - Marketing
Taylorsville UT                                       08/2009

Awarded Honors
University of Phoenix
Bachelors of Science, Information Technology – Information System Security                            
Murray, UT 12/2007

ITT Technical Institute
Associate of Applied Science IT – Computer Network Systems Technology
Murray, UT 12/2001

Intern at Park City Academy Park City, UT 2002

Work History

Professional References

Don Bahr 801-885-8739    
Travis Anderson              801-489-0802
Chad Ramzey 801-577-4124
Brian Craig 801-318-0810
Amy Engberson 801-510-7036
Seth Swenson 801-830-0849

Web Pages I have made Top five on google search most are number #1

Web sites that are helpful!

Cralwer       Web Tools        BLOG        Spybot       antivir       AVG       colorpic       Adacity       DVD Cloner 6        ipod to pc        Light Scibe        DVDtoIpod              Blue Ray             Reg Edit

Click Decimal type port number3389 or 3390 click ok Quit Registry Editor
or go to control panel windows firewall Exceptions task add port
Port Forwarding go to Gaming select portfowarding type in port number and ip address

Remote Access go to accessories - communication - Remote Computer or just Remote Computer
type in the ip address like should look something like that ask for the static IP
How to find IP address and firewall ip
Go to search programs type in CMD a window will pop up type in ipconfig hit enter
There will be three ip address subnet mask Default Gateway
Default Gate Way is your firewall. You will Need a Static IP address from the internet
DHCP will not allow you to remote in ask what the static ip is
if you are having problem with Remote Computer check option and go to Experience then choose the correct speed

C:\documents and settings\username\local setting\application data\Microsoft\outlook

Save and then load.

Steam Deck
Left bottom Steam Deck icon to System then to Konsole
pin at bottom of screen

Boot Delete
rm "$HOME/.steam/root/config/uioverrides/movies/deck_startup.webm"

Games Revealed

Google on game to boot Xbox
u @@ --window-size=1024,640 --force-device-scale-factor=1.25 --device-scale-factor=1.25 --kiosk ""

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